How does this work?

Swagsender is your solution to merchandise fulfillment.  We believe in the benefits of a direct-to-participant model and can help you decide things like: Should I send the entire packet, or just the free t-shirt? Should I give participants a choice? We will work closely with you to find the best solution for your specific event. With over ten years of event directing experience, we’re a little different from other merch companies.

What are the benefits of direct-to-participant?

  • By creating a direct-marketing opportunity where there wasn’t one before, drop-shipping offers more value to your sponsors and a promotional opportunity for other businesses.

  • It extends the event experience for your participants. Who doesn’t love getting packages mailed straight to their door?

  • By ordering only those shirts that have been ordered by your participants, you avoid the guesswork and the associated problems: extras that go to your storage closet, or worse, running out of someone’s size on event day. Neither are good business practices.

We love our packet pickup.Can you help us make it better?  

Of course. Your participants could still enjoy the camaraderie of your packet pickup by picking up bib numbers, timing chips, sponsor merch etc. But imagine how easy it would be on everyone if the shirts had been pre-mailed? And size discrepancies were solved by us?

What if we want to give participants the option of drop-ship or packet pickup?

That’s OK, too. In fact, some race directors already do that, charging extra for the drop ship convenience. We’ll take your order information from your online registration system and mail merchandise to those who want it sent. Then we’ll send the rest to you.

how much does it cost?

That depends.  We’d need to know your product numbers, printing specs and quantities before we can give you a quote.  Also, if you wanted any other merchandise in the packets, we’d need to know that, too. But remember, it will pay for itself by generating its own revenue.

Can this really create a new revenue stream?

Yes! By sending t-shirts to people’s homes, we’ve created a direct-mail opportunity that businesses will want to take advantage of.  If you run a bike event, for example, bike shops, massage therapists and other event organizers, just to name a few, will pay to place a flier or coupon in each packet because they know direct marketing works.  It could also offer another naming opportunity for the right sponsor. Who says raising your level of personal service can’t also add to your bottom line? That’s what we in the business call a win-win.

What do you offer that my current merchandise vendor doesn’t?

Adding efficiency to your execution and more revenue to your event is what SwagSender brings to the table. Most merchandise printing operations are set up to drop-ship, just like what we do.  But SwagSender has over ten years of event director experience and will work in partnership with you. If you ask, we’re happy to offer input on all the moving parts of your event. Whether it’s sponsorships, operations, communications, marketing, venue & route setup or post event surveys, we’ve done it all and are happy to help.


Change is hard.  But think about how we are all getting used to having everything delivered to our doors. Why not offer that to your people? And let’s not forget about the headaches you’ve come to expect with merchandise management: “Guess Your Best” ordering a couple weeks before the event; “11thHour Panic” ordering days before your event.  And lines of anxious participants who just want the size they ordered.

Email us now and not only will you sleep better in the days and weeks before your event, your sponsors and participants will have a better experience as well.