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We'll manage your event swag, so you don't have to.

What is SwagSender? 

SwagSender offers a better way to manage race and event merchandise.  It’s based on a drop-ship-to-participant model, which adds a direct marketing sponsorship opportunity while eliminating a lot of logistics on your end .  Why not add more revenue and subtract some headaches by sending your swag directly to your registrants?


Why Use SwagSender?


A Few Questions...

  • Do you feel like you’re out of revenue generating ideas for your event?

  • How long does it take you and your team to move boxes, sort apparel and hand it out to participants?

  • How much extra merchandise is sitting in your storage closet?

  • Are you losing participants because packet pickup is too far away or frustrating to navigate?

We can give you better answers to these questions through more streamlined merchandise management.

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How SwagSender Works


How we do things...

  • We will meet with you and customize an effective approach to your specific event and related merchandise challenges.

  • We will help you monetize the packets that have just become direct marketing opportunities for businesses and sponsors.

  • At predetermined dates prior to your event, we will use your online registration system to pre-ship those items you’d like sent directly to your participants. We'll place the final order the first business day after the event to take care of everyone else.

  • We will take care of size discrepancies and customer service needs.

  • You and your team will focus on perfecting the participant experience rather than moving boxes on event day.


SwagSender Services

  • Revenue Analysis and Optimization

  • Merchandise Selection and Design

  • Merchandise Procurement and Fulfillment

  • Post-Event Survey to Participants

Our Services...


Who We Are


Beth Weisbrod was an event director for over ten years.  The Capital to Capital Bike Event grew to over 2,400 riders and was voted The Best Bike Event in Richmond, Virginia multiple years.  Based on her in-depth knowledge and experience of merchandise management, she’s created an innovative new way, SwagSender.

Mark Weisbrod has extensive sourcing contacts and is in charge of finding you the best price for your event merchandise.  He also has a Digital Marketing certification and can help you and your team create that all-important pre-event buzz to drive more people to your event.


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